Message from the Dean

Welcome Daniels Undergraduates to the 2021-2022 academic year.

You are pursuing a design education at a pivotal moment in time. The challenges that we face today: climate change, inequity, racial injustice, mental health, and the impacts of the pandemic –– are pushing the world forward at a rapid pace. Our ideas about how cities, architecture, landscapes, and visual art should look, and function must play a role in this necessary change.

At the Daniels Faculty, you will receive a broad design- or art-based education that prepares you to be a full and informed participant in that change. You will have opportunities to engage with a diverse group of instructors who are active in fields related to art, architecture, landscape architecture, and urbanism.

As my time as your interim dean comes to an end on June 30, 2021, it is with great excitement for the future that I introduce you to Juan Du, incoming dean of the Daniels Faculty. We are thrilled to welcome Professor Du to Daniels –– and I know that she is looking forward to meeting you this fall.

We look forward to navigating the coming academic year together as restrictions are lifted and we can safely return to campus. My advice remains the same as it was before times of crisis: don't do all your learning in the classroom. Connect with your instructors and fellow students, and — most importantly — practice your craft. No matter the circumstances, any Daniels student who comes to us in the spirit of critical inquiry and collaboration will find an engaging and supportive educational environment.

This calendar is your guide to the many academic options available to you as Daniels Faculty undergraduates.  Here you'll find information on degree requirements, programs of study, and rules and regulations. I ask that you carefully review these pages. If you require more information, you can contact our Office of the Registrar and Student Services, where our professional staff are always happy to assist you.

When you're done reviewing this calendar, I strongly suggest that you continue reading about the many opportunities offered at the Daniels Faculty by visiting our website, There, you'll find information about our public events, learn about the many projects of our faculty, alumni, and students, and explore exemplary work produced by your peers.

I wish all of you much success during this upcoming academic year.

Robert Wright
Interim Dean
John H. Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape, and Design